#theroomdiaries – The Paper Factory Hotel


 A new feature of The Trend Porter: #theroomdiaries.

Since I moved to New York City I discovered that hotels inspire me. You know that first feeling when you walk into a hotel, those first few inspiring moments?

Maybe it’s caused by the stylish decor in their lobby, chandeliers, and pieces of art with meaningful stories; the heavenly scent of flickering candles and the aroma from a fresh bouquet of flowers or the background music that can evoke vivid memories from the past.

All that immediately envelops me and makes me feel comfortable, is something I really appreciate about the hospitality world.

I believe that every hotel is an exciting parallel universe, I could be in New York and feel like I am in Paris; sometimes I even imagine that I am a movie character or that I am in a different stage of my life.

Hotels and their concepts and philosophies are a source of fashion inspiration to me; usually, an idea never comes to me suddenly; it sits inside me for a while, and then emerges; what they do to trigger this, every place got its own, special magic.

Let us discover it on #theroomdiaries

“Channeling a Rock-Chic Glam Look that matches the ambiance of The Paper Factory Hotel”



The Paper Factory: A former paper factory that was transformed into a cool industrial, artsy and stylish hotel, with affordable rates that are attractive to any type of traveler.

This hidden gem, located in the heart of Long Island City, it’s a hotspot for influencers from the worlds of fashion, film, food and art.

I love its approach to design, brick walls, hammered metal doors, large factory windows mixed with modern art and selected retro furniture, an eclectic decoration that makes you just want to move in.

The boutique hotel has 122 rooms in typical New York style.

Amenities include a stacked fitness facility open 24-hours, and free Wi-Fi throughout.

 Paper Factory’s restaurant and bar, Mundo, is a destination in itself, too: a pleasant spot to enjoy some exotic international dishes and for a heady mix of amazing cocktails


Adress: 37-06 36th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101

Photos by Gabriele Griseri 

Hair & Makeup by Amy Zdunowski Roeder

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New York based Fashion Blogger and Consultant

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