50 Things About Me



1-I was born in a small town in the north of Portugal

2-When I was 19 I left my parents house and lived between Oporto and Lisbon

3-I moved to New York two years ago for School (Fashion Institute of Technology)

4-I’ve been working in Fashion since I was 21 and I did pretty much everything related to the area

5-I am Aquarius, that explains why I am such a “head in the clouds”

6-I don’t take myself too serious

7-I let it go easily… I don’t like to waste my time with people or things that are not worth it

8-When people try to play me, I play myself stupid, so at the end I can get the best of it

9-My mother language is Portuguese but I always think in English, sounds better to me

10-I have two tattoos, a small star on my neck and a Maya Angelou quote on my ribs

11-I love Pilates, it changed my body since I started

12-I danced Ballet for 7 years

13-I always try to instruct myself in different fields

14-I have interest for so many things that sometimes I lose myself on the road

15-Talking about roads, I had my driver’s license so fast, let’s say that who tries to blackmail me ends up being blackmailed

16-Can’t live without my coffee

17-I am a wine person, I don’t like beer or any other liquor

18-I am pretty good doing Cocktails, just don’t drink them at all

19-I am a big foodie, but I just eat in small portions

20-My favorite food is : 1- French, 2- Italian, 3-Thai

21-I like to add mayo on my rice, I know it sounds gross but it’s so good

22-I just started with the “eggs in the morning thing”since I left Europe

23-My favorite city is Paris

24-My dream trip is to Southeast Asia

25-I have friends all over the world

26-I always stay in touch with everyone

27-I love having my place full of flowers

28-My favorites are peonies in blush or white

29-I am not definitely a Pink Girl

30-My colors are Black, White and Neutrals

31-I have to many black dresses in my closet

32-I don’t have more space for shoes, only in my head

33-I love wearing ankle boots, even if it’s 100 degrees outside

34-I like to mix High and Low fashion for my day to day look

35-You can see me wearing a Zara dress with designer bag and shoes

36-I collect lipsticks in every texture and shade

37-I am obsessed with Jo Malone Candles & Oils

38-You will never see me with cracked polish on my nails

39-My phone is Samsung, I am not an Iphone person

40-I prefer calling over texting

41-If I want to do something or get something, the answer No doesn’t stop me

42-I don’t judge people at all

43-I don’t surround myself with negative people

44-I think being sexy is being who you are

45-I have a crush on Ryan Gosling

46-I like to date someone from another culture, if things don’t work out at least I learn something

47-I don’t make things official that easily, sorry you have to try better!

48–My family and friends come first

49-My hearts hurts everytime I see on the news what’s going on with the world

50-I am a Humanist, my dream is to inspire others and make a difference in someone’s life.


Head to Toe* H&M Studio Body, Sandro Paris Jeans, Steve Madden Sandals, Marmont Gucci  Bag, Prada Sunglasses.

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New York based Fashion Blogger and Consultant

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