Red Lips


When I was 6, I had red lips because I used to eat candies and I made sure it left stains, not only on my tongue but also, on my lips.

When I was 8, I found a red lipstick on my grandmother’s Vanity Set. An embellished gold-packaging from Guerlain Paris. I used to wait for her to leave the house to fill my lips with it. I remember watching a movie with Sophia Loren, where she had this classic signature look and stunning lipstick and it was the most empowering color of red that I’ve ever seen… At this age, Red lipstick taught me how to be confident.

When I was 13, I bought my first Red Lipstick from Chanel, I already knew that was the kind of cult classic lipstick to have. I remember I almost had to beg my mother for it, she used to say: ” You are too young for such a color”!

When I was 16, I went out on my first date. It wasn’t in any way romantic because it was a formal event that my friends and I attended, but I considered it my first date. I wore a LBD. My lipstick? Red. Maybe red lips are too strong for a first date. But I was in a black dress. It had to be red lipstick. It taught me how to be independent and make my own decisions. By the way he looked at me, I knew I made the right choice.

When I was 18, I began to know myself better. At this time I had to give up from being a professional ballerina and decided to study fashion. I always expressed myself through my style, and I stood up for what I believed in. I wanted to share my feelings, thoughts, emotions and creativeness with other people. Fashion can tell many stories. It’s who you are and it can speak for itself. It’s art! I wanted to be recognized for something, I wanted to be a red lipstick – strong, independent, and interesting.

Up until this very day, I wear red lipstick with my boyfriend’s over-sized shirt to add femininity to my look. I wear red lipstick with something sexy not just because I want to draw attention to my mouth but the words that issue forth from it… I wear red lipstick as my shield when I feel insecure, for it is a color that does not lack confidence.I wear red lipstick as my signature shade when I want him to remember me; every pucker, every smile, every alluring whisper accented by the color of my lips. I wear red lipstick with a powerful mind. I wear red lipstick with all my womanhood.

*Head to Toe: Reformation Dress, Gucci Marmont Bag, Steven Madden Sandals

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