Calmer than you are


Finding happiness; a subject talked and thought about a lot. It looks like many of us are obsessed seeking happiness, or seeking an endlessly, intense feeling of luck.. Trying to be happy so hard- that their feelings fluctuate from maximums to minimums- which makes them even feel more out of control. I think they forget about an essential thing; balance.

What’s a balanced mind according to me?
To not constantly need to feel particular good,
but to be okay with feeling neutral (or feeling nothing at all).
To not be scared of feeling sad,
but to be okay with feeling out of luck once in a while.
Pushing yourself to achieve goals,
but to be able to live in the moment as well.
Accept to be stressed occasionally (which releases some pressure automatically),
but accept boredom too (and being okay doing nothing every now and then).
Fulfilling social wishes,
but enjoying taking time for yourself too.
To enjoy things you like,
but not to overemphasize.


I must say I feel very balanced lately. Already quite a period actually. It has been a slow process of consciousness- a mind training actually. And the funny thing I’m encountering lately.. is that my ‘happy’ feelings are increasing. Balanced happy feelings 🙂

Head to Toe: Club Monaco Vest; Reformation Dress; Louise et cie Sandals; Chloé Sunglasses; Zara Bag.

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One thought on “Calmer than you are

  1. Love the looks, you look stunning! And i lovee the thought of happiness, it keeps me thinking! Absolutely love your blog and you already! if you have the chance, please check out my latest post!! it’d mean a lot 🙂



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