I don’t often post about men’s fashion but there’s one guy who deserves a fashion standing ovation.  His name is Johannes Huebl and if you’re a guy and you’re reading this – take notes.

I’ve never before seen someone ace their outfits as consistently as this German entrepreneur/model. He’s married to Olivia Palermo and together they are a formidable force in the international stages of fashion. Palermo is one of my favorite “It Girls” for obvious reasons – she’s the best-dressed person I have ever seen (and that statement shouldn’t be taken likely). 

But getting back to Huebl – first time I landed at JFK airport, 2 years ago, I stumbled into him and his signature scent; he is the personification of the way that contemporary men should dress – at least, according to me. His outfits are classy, understated and masculine.  He is consistently crisp, tailored and groomed and this is how men should dress. He is bereft of any shouty branded shirts and displays the quality of his clothes through his ability to put together a flawless outfit.

This guy deserves some appreciation. 

Note: He is totally devoted to his wife and he is the biggest sweetheart on Instagram. Every Sunday he posts a snap of him and Olivia – whether they are together or apart – captioning it simply, ‘Sundays’.


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