How to make your closet look like a movie


Whenever I’m feeling stylistically challenged, there’s one place I turn to again and again for inspiration: Film.

Fashion and film have always gone hand in hand, whether it’s a designer taking inspiration from a movie’s story or a leading lady sporting the latest runway looks. Movies have also helped to reinforce timeless styles and bring back fashion trends of yesteryears.

In an age where daily web browsing, apps, and newsletters will tell you what to buy when to buy it and why you need to wear it immediately, it’s refreshing to take a deep breath, curl up with a movie and learn from the past.  The marriage of style and movies spans decades and what’s somehow more remarkable is that as much as fashion changes, it always stays the same.

So put down the popcorn and start taking notes. I’ve rounded-up some of the icons who did it best; in spring, summer, fall and winter must-haves to inspire your style.

1- The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

2- La Piscine (1969)

3- Lolita (1997)

4-  Scarface (1983)

5- Atonement (2007)

6- Bonnie & Clyde (1967)

7- Factory Girl (2006)

8- The Dreamers (2003)

9- L’Amant (1992)

10- American Hustle (2013)

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