Nothing can dim the light which shines from within


“Certain words are like art.  And art is immortal.  It will live on forever.  Art is also like a light.  Art illuminates the body and soul.  It helps motivate, inspire, and most importantly teach.”

We all have a special light within us that makes us special and unique. Beauty is not in the face, it is in our hearts. We thought things around us are those that provide us happiness. However, having more things doesn’t increase our happiness. Why? Happiness is achieved by looking at our self, listening to what our heart tells us, following what it says and accepting the way we are. Letting go, our inner fire will be stronger than the fires that attack us from outside.


With this reflection, I chose a look that lets out the light and cheerful color inside me. This Sequin Jacket provides vitality to any casual look. It is an easy to create look but very flattering, thanks to the sequin. I love this outfit for days when I need to go comfortably to do all day tasks but at the same time I want to make my “make a difference wherever I go”.

Photography by: Matt Galan

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New York based Fashion Blogger and Consultant

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