New York Daydreaming


This morning while reading a New York Times article quoting researchers suggesting the existence of a possible new attention disorder has me wondering if I’ll soon have a “diagnosis.” It seems that the condition is characterized by daydreaming.

Oh, really? Daydreaming is a disorder?  Well then, count me as a victim.

As far as I can look back, daydreaming always made part of my youth and I truly believe that it was the key element that helped me to achieve most, if not all, of my goals.
When I was a teenager, I remember doing non-stop sessions of Sex and the City show and having my mind lost into the glamor of living in New York City. Since then I started to draw a plan to make my dreams leading me to my happy place.
So every morning I took a few minutes to myself to completely fantasize about it and made this my most important daily ritual.

I know that some people create vision boards, bucket lists and boxes full of dreams they want to become real. Instead, I believe that the most effective way to achieve them is daydreaming.  So I trust that being inspired by some of this daydreaming “chaos” can lead us closer to our dreams.

This last week I landed into the big apple and I’ve experienced enormous amounts of deja vu due to my ritual of daydreaming. Sometimes I even see myself as a Carrie Freaking Bradshaw without Mr.Big, the shoe collection or the Cosmos (well maybe a few ones).

Now that my reality is not much different from my dreams, I know that this state of daydreaming will not be easy to keep and I will not get everything I wanted all the time; but I feel that I am closer than I ever have been -ever- and in a tangible way…

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